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SmartVitiNet in “Drones Meet-up Event” by OTE Group of Companies in Athens

On February 5, 2023, our partners from Hellenic Drones took part in the Drones Meet-up Event, organized by the OTE Group of Companies in Athens. The primary focus of the event was the integration of advanced aerial mobility (AAM) into real-life scenarios. The event successfully brought together national and international stakeholders, including representatives from the Greek Civil Aviation Authority, universities, research centers, innovative startups, and technology companies from Greece, Israel, the USA, and Sweden.

During the event, Hellenic Drones had the opportunity to deliver a presentation, regarding the difficulties that AAM integration currently faces, particularly concerning the regulatory framework and public acceptance. The company discussed innovative ways to overcome these challenges, especially in crucial sectors like agriculture. Hellenic Drones' active involvement in the SmartVitiNet project and the progress made so far was proudly shared. The audience was deeply engaged, leading to fruitful discussions about the project's potential and impact.


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