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Transnational Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal

On the 22nd and 23rd of June, Lisbon, Portugal, welcomed the second Transnational Project Meeting of the SmartVitiNet project. The meeting was hosted by ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, providing an ideal setting for this international gathering dedicated to revolutionizing the viticulture industry.

The two-day event was marked by engaging discussions on the SmartVitiNet project’s current status and future directions. It served as a platform for fostering cooperative relationships among the partners involved in the project. The meeting was a testament to the power of collaboration, with the participants’ shared passion for the project’s objectives creating a vibrant and productive atmosphere.

Over the course of the two-day event, the meeting unfolded into a series of insightful discussions and strategic planning sessions. The team delved into key areas of the project, including Analytics & Middleware Development, Hardware Development & Configuration, and Data Collection, among others.

The second day of the meeting brought an exciting twist, with a visit to Ramilo Wines. This excursion offered the team a first-hand experience of a live setting where the data collection process will be implemented. It was a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical planning and practical application, providing valuable insights for the project’s next steps.

The Pilot Phase of the SmartVitiNet project was another focal point of the meeting. This phase represents a critical juncture where the project’s concepts and strategies are tested in a real-world context. The combination of academia and winemaking offered a unique and inspiring backdrop for the discussions, reminding all participants that just like the best wines, groundbreaking ideas also take time to mature.

As the meeting concluded, it was clear that the event had served its purpose of fostering a deeper understanding of the project’s objectives and strategies among the partners. The beautiful city of Lisbon, with its blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy, was the perfect location for us to gather.

The SmartVitiNet project stands as a beacon of international collaboration, driving innovation in the winemaking industry. Its commitment to sustainable and efficient farming practices, coupled with the use of advanced technology, is set to redefine the future of viticulture. The team looks forward to the continued progress and success of this pioneering initiative.


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