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SmartVitiNet Partners Meet in Greece for Fourth Plenary Meeting

SmartVitiNet partners gathered in Greece on May 20-21, 2024 for the fourth plenary meeting to discuss the project's progress and prepare for the second half. It was wonderful to meet everyone in person after months of online collaboration.

The first day of the meeting, organised by the Agroecology Lab, was held in Corinth. The focus was on presenting progress and updates on various developments, including Sensors, the Spraying System, Refined UAS, the Charging Station and Data Collection. After the lunch break, discussions shifted to the Competence Centre of Excellence for Precision, SmartVitiNet analytics, and middleware.

On the second day, the Agricultural University of Athens hosted all partners at their premises. Discussions centred on the SmartVitiNet Decision Support System and Portal, as well as Dissemination and Exploitation activities.

As the project enters its second half, significant progress has already been made. This physical meeting was an excellent opportunity to align on progress, agree on improvements, and plan the next steps.

SmartVitiNet is an innovative project aiming to scale up, pilot, and market a comprehensive phytosanitary and plant protection system. This system is based on unmanned aerial vehicles, new observational platforms, and ready-to-use sensors. The project also seeks to establish a Competence Center for Precision Viticulture. The research fosters synergies among members of the quadruple helix, leveraging their complementary knowledge, experiences, and infrastructure to achieve innovative results.


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