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RamiloWines Vineyard continues to innovate under the SmartVitinet project

As part of the groundbreaking SmartVitinet project, RamiloWines Vineyard in Mafra is pioneering the use of cutting-edge drone technology to enhance their winemaking process. Being a key partner of the SmartVitinet project that aims to integrate advanced technology into viticulture practices, revolutionizing the way vineyards monitor and maintain their crops.

Under this initiative, RamiloWines vineyards have been recently incorporated with drones equipped with multispectral optical sensors to detect vine diseases at an early stage. This technological advancement allows the vineyard to anticipate treatments, preventing major problems and ensuring the health of their vines.

The specialised team from ISCTE conducted the drone measurements, capturing high-resolution images across multiple wavelengths, these drones can identify stress indicators in the plants that are invisible to the naked eye. Images were taken more intensively during the month of June with the aim of monitoring mildew that is affecting a specific vineyard. Additionally, a weather station installed on-site collects weather data to be compared with the multispectral photos. This combination of data allows the development of an algorithm capable of detecting diseases more accurately and efficiently.

"As a wine producer, I can attest to the transformative impact of drones on agriculture. They enable precise crop monitoring, optimize the use of resources and increase yields by providing real-time data and detailed aerial images. This technology enables early detection of problems such as crop diseases and pest infestations, leading to timely interventions and more efficient farming practices," - Nuno Ramilo, owner of RamiloWines.

As RamiloWines Vineyard continues to innovate under the SmartVitinet project, they set a new standard for the integration of advanced technology in traditional winemaking, ensuring the production of high-quality wines for years to come.


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